Monday, April 20, 2009

An update....late as it is...

Massive apologies for those of you still patiently awaiting updates all over the world. I think I admitted in one of my last posts that I couldn't keep up with this I thank the few of you left who have continued to check in.

Where are we in the implant process. Well, we have done our obligatory speech therapy...wrapped it up in about 5 weeks and have an appointment with the surgeon doing the implant this Thursday. They will do a CT scan of her ears to make sure that the cochlea is able to house the implant and then we will sit down for an hour with the surgeon and talk about what is next. He will write up his recommendations and submit it to the insurance company. Once that is done, we will schedule the surgery date. From what we have been told we can expect to get her a date in July/ August. But honestly, I have heard our insurance company is really good about approving this procedure faster than it really could be June. We just have to wait and see. From that point, we get a surgery date. Three weeks after surgery, we activate the implants and that is when the hard work starts. Teaching Molly all the sounds that she knows and starting up with speech therapy again. She has proved to be just about the smartest little girl I have run across and the doctors and therapists who have had the opportunity to interact with her think she is going to do really well.