Monday, April 20, 2009

An update....late as it is...

Massive apologies for those of you still patiently awaiting updates all over the world. I think I admitted in one of my last posts that I couldn't keep up with this I thank the few of you left who have continued to check in.

Where are we in the implant process. Well, we have done our obligatory speech therapy...wrapped it up in about 5 weeks and have an appointment with the surgeon doing the implant this Thursday. They will do a CT scan of her ears to make sure that the cochlea is able to house the implant and then we will sit down for an hour with the surgeon and talk about what is next. He will write up his recommendations and submit it to the insurance company. Once that is done, we will schedule the surgery date. From what we have been told we can expect to get her a date in July/ August. But honestly, I have heard our insurance company is really good about approving this procedure faster than it really could be June. We just have to wait and see. From that point, we get a surgery date. Three weeks after surgery, we activate the implants and that is when the hard work starts. Teaching Molly all the sounds that she knows and starting up with speech therapy again. She has proved to be just about the smartest little girl I have run across and the doctors and therapists who have had the opportunity to interact with her think she is going to do really well.


Patientlywaiting said...

Wow, I can't wait to hear when the surgery will be scheduled. It is amazing technology but you are right it is a lot of work! Our daughter has been activated almost 2 months now. Sometimes she wants to wear the processor sometimes she doesn't (you know, too much work). However, last Friday she heard the rain for the first time. She was fascinated with the sound of the rain. Woohoo! The speech hasn't started coming along yet but she is still getting used to sound and processing what she is hearing.

Thanks for the update!


Amy said...

Awesome news, Deb! (I check in from time to time, I'm so happy you guys finally have Molly home!!). I worked with some CI patients when I was in grad school - super cool stuff. Can't wait to see how she does!

Amy (Anna's mom from BZ/MSN - and Megan and Alex's mom now too)

WannaBe5Ker said...

So glad for you that you finally have Molly home...and so glad, too, that you know what needs to be done for her to have as normal a life as possible. Amazing mom, you are. I mean that. The "special child" road, whatever it is, be it autism or deafness, is not easy. But I love how you were "willing" Molly to hear those sounds you heard so easily...that is a mother's love in action!

BEST of luck with the implant journey, since Molly is clearly very intelligent, she will surely catch up where she needs to because you are so on top of this.

Keep up the updates when you can, but I understand how hard it is to update! Prayers & peace!

The Shepard's Banqueting Table said...

So glad to hear the latest news on Molly. I have seen how much I miss babysitting and hearing the latest news. I can't wait to hear when the surgery will be scheduled. It is going to change so much and open up lots of opportunities for Molly. I will be thinking about you guys tomorrow as you meet and chat.

Elizabeth said...

Great blog! I hope you'll consider adding it to the aggregator at Deaf Village ( -- we'd love to have you as part of our community!