Sunday, August 2, 2009

100% chance of crazy!

So...this is the home Starting tomorrow things start to get really nuts! Orientation for the kids, soccer camp for the boys, a trip to Birmingham and a hockey tournament at the end of the week. WHEW! Then Monday morning the following week the kids have their first day of school so we are gearing up for that as well. I have so much work I have got to get done next week....its looking pretty ugly...hopefully we have a few weeks before the soccer/fall baseball practices start.

Molly is on her highest sensitivity program the audiologist set for her and is doing great. She is asking for her receivers as soon as she wakes up. No complaints from her at all. Now we start the loooooong road of speech therapy but she is so smart and will do well. She is starting to turn her head to sound a bit more and more each day. I cant imagine where we will be in a few months. This is the fun part.

Now we are off to church and our Sunday night hockey game.

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Val said...

any Molly updates?