Tuesday, December 9, 2008

One month ago today

It is hard to believe that just one month ago today we met Molly for the first time. It seems like we have had for so much longer...yet, here we sit on December 9 and what a transformation we have had as a family.

Molly's progress has been mind blowing. You would never guess that she was raised anywhere else? We are so grateful for her progress and attitude. She loves her brothers, is very attached to mom and has even taken to dad quite well. She runs errands with me without complaint and obeys when corrected. She sleeps through the night in her own bed and has adapted to the boys schedules without a problem. Her communication with us has been seamless. We are all signing and pointing and we havent had any problems trying to figure out what she wants when she wants it. She has completely abandoned her rice/noodle diet and now eats everything put in front of her. Not to say we dont have your typical "2-year" old moments but she is a lot less trouble than her older brother Jack was at this age!!! The great thing is that her behavior IS typical...the deafness has not presented a problem or the fact that we are the third family she has accepted as her own...so it is nice to notice that her behavior is typical of what you would see from any 2 year old who doesnt get their way. We are continually amazed!

The only thing that hasnt gone smoothly is the transition with Maggie, our dog. She is just kind of freaked out by her...but even that has subsided a little...but that is hardly a complaint, now is it?

Anyway, not a whole bunch to report. Molly's grandparents are headed back to San Diego so we are back to following our normal routine from before we left and she has taken to it quite well.

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Angie said...

I'm in need of an update! I know you're busy taking care of your kids and adjusting, but I really miss knowing what's going on. Sad, huh?! Oh, pictures are encouraged too...Angie