Monday, December 1, 2008

Update on Molly's big physical exam!

Greeting Sports Fans!

Just an update on our day at the WONDERFUL International Adoption Clinic. How lucky are we to live close enough to such an incredible resource? As soon as we got there a counselor came and talked with me about her much as we know about our time was in China, what behaviors she exhibited there and at home, how she is doing here, how she is eating, how she is get the idea. She was not only a counselor but had two adopted daughters and it was so nice to talk through all of this with someone who could tell us what to worry about and what not to. She, along with the TWO physicians we saw were amazed at how well she had adapted and how outgoing she was. Frankly, we are too! She did see a few behaviors that told her that Molly was using to cope with the loss of her foster mom but that were completely normal. She has some OCD tendencies and she is hyper alert to everything going on around her. Both these behaviors are completely normal for what this girl has gone through and she assured us that we will start to notice how the will diminish over the next three to six months. Her OCD behaviors have already started to do so since I tend to agree with her.

She has been such an easy kid and adapted so well that we were a little "free" with who held her and how much time was spent doing so and this, as she explained to us, was not doing the best thing for her. So from now on until we start seeing some specific behaviors we need to watch for, we will be the only ones holding, carrying, comforting her. Friends and family are not off limits...but play will be restricted to group play with the brothers and holding times will only be out of necessity. The counselor thinks that will really help with her bonding and attachment to us as parents...not that it has been an issue...but Im going to give this woman the benefit of the doubt. We have seen some behavior with regards to friends leaving the room that we would not consider typical of a girl this age so this will be a priority. Other than that they said she is doing AMAZING and that her constant nagging for food will also slow down with time...and just to give her what she wants, with regards to food, when she wants. That is fine, but Im not giving her cookies at 6:30 in the morning!

After the psychological exam, we had the medical exam. The doctor looked at everything and based on her best guess determined that the date chosen as her birthdate by the doctor in China is not even close to being correct. She ordered a bone analysis so that we could try to get a better estimate of her true age. We will get the results as our next visit. We also found that that MOlly has an ear infection...good info to have so we were able to also get her on an antibiotic. We were then off to the LAB for the multiple test tubes of blood that were needed for all the different tests. She didnt even flinch. What a trooper! Rob and I are looking forward to getting the results back after Christmas and praying for a clean bill of health! In just a few weeks we will be heading up that way again for her full hearing evaluation at the hear center.

Well, that is it! That was my day! Big thanks go out to Tracy and Toni for taking care of the boys while we were off getting this evaluation done. Thanks ladies!!!! You are both awesome!


Patientlywaiting said...

Wow, how fortunate to have an international adoption clinic so close. We weren't so lucky. Sounds like she is doing great. That is very interesting about the bone scan. Do they think her birthday estimation is way off?


Katherine said...

How are you doing?Dear Deb.
This week I am busy with one Sweden family BENGT and ANNA.They read your blogs and get to know me before they came here.We are having a good time in here.I miss you much.Please say hi to JUN REN Rob.Thinking of you I almost cry~~!!!Keep in touch~~

Katherine said...

Merry Christmas~~~
Kiss all the angels for me please.

Jannah Delfin said...

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