Monday, December 15, 2008

A very LATE update...

Sorry to drop off the planet on these updates...ugh...where does the time go. So lets see...what new party tricks has Molly picked up. She is doing great by the way and completely comfortable here. We are still limiting her access to people and can already see a difference by doing so.
She is very verbal and so far is attempting to say Flower, Mom ( which she says quite well!), Dad, No ( another word she has mastered), and more. Just a few days ago after putting in her hearing aids, she walked up to me pointing to her left ear saying" More, more, more..." I took out her aid to find that the battery had died and wasn't working. Very smart girl! She signs two and three word sentences and her favorite so far is Good Girl. She can read lips really well! If I say Good Girl to her, she will sign it right back to me.

We are not claiming to be audiologists, but she has definite hearing. I dont know how much..we will find out this Friday after our big hearing exam! She responds and signs her name, signs, mom, dad, Robby, jack, school, bed, toilet, more, bath, eat, drink, milk, juice, gentle, silly, play, airplane, ball....and Im sure Im forgetting several more. We are so anxious to get to her hearing evaluation and find out what her future she deaf, hard of hearing, are implants an option, do we just need to get her better hearing aides? A lot of questions are just a few days from getting answers and that will help me sleep better at night.

We will get a good idea on her age once we return for the second part of her physical exam in January. That appointment we will get the results of all the blood work, and everything else they checked out. Her eye exam is tomorrow and we will be heading to the dentist at some point soon as well.

She is doing great with her brothers...she and Jack are starting to compete a bit which is a good sign..and her and Robby are as close as any two siblings can be. She loves her brothers and is constantly signing "Where Jack?" "Where Robby?"

Christmas has been low key for us this year. We have decided to skip all the traditional holiday decorations around the house and just put up a tree and stockings. Who has the time to decorate? Not me!

I will definitely post updates once we get back from the hearing stay tuned. Here are some pictures and video to satisfy you until then! :)


Angie said...

Yay, got my fix! It just warms my heart to see her with her brothers, they are precious.

Katherine said...

my god,two little Rob and Molly in the pictures.
I miss you all.I love you all.Kiss you all.
Merry Christmas to you!!!

Katherine said...

I love ,crazy love the children.Give a kiss to them for me please.Dear Rob and Deb.