Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to the grind...

Well today was kind of a sad day for at least part of the Barrie family. The two boys headed back to school...reluctantly. It was quite nice getting back to one on one time with Molly though and we had a great day. We made a few contacts with Children's Rehab and have figured out that is probably where we should have started. Now it is just a matter of getting scheduled in a timely manner. It is so nice living in a community where everyone seems to know each other. Makes getting information a lot easier. We head down to Birmingham for the second appointment with the International Adoption Clinic where we will discuss what we kind of already know....all of Molly's lab work came back clean and so we are thrilled with that news. We will also finalize her age and get the paperwork started for that.

We continue to make progress with her every day. She is a happy kid and her tantrums when she doesn't get her way are short and quite manageable. She is sleeping great and is doing really well with Rob. Im still not quite sure she "gets" who we are...I mean, she says Mom and Dad ( da da comes out like ah ah) but I don't think she gets what that really means.

We head in for our second speech session on Thursday morning. I'm beat and heading to sleep! Thanks for all your kind notes and comments. They really are appreciated! I promise to post more pictures and video soon!

oh...and today is the very first day that Molly didnt wake up and instantly ask for food. In fact I had to kind of convince her to eat! Either my cooking is that bad ( and if you know me that is a definite possibility) or our girl has figured out that their is always going to be another meal!

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