Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not a lot to report...

So we have settled on using Children's Rehabilitation Services here in Huntsville and are now engaged in the arduous process of enrolling in the system. Dont know how long that will take...but we do know the audiologist we will be working with comes highly recommended so I feel good about following whatever road she wants us to take. We will also have access to a highly sought after ENT and so maybe once we get in the system, we will have a crack at an ABR. Every speech therapist and audiologist I have spoken too besides the first one we saw in Birmingham has recommended that we push for the ABR based on Molly's age and background. Once we figure out where her hearing is we will be able to make a decision on whether or not we want to pursue the Cochlear Implant or just get her the best hearing aids we can get our hands on!

Other than that, we are just settling into our new life. We had a disappointment with the Chargers loss this past weekend. Of course, I have been a Steelers fan ( albeit not a very vocal one for the past 10 years or so) since I was a kid so I wasn't too upset.

We spent this past Saturday at the aquarium in Chattanooga and then Sunday Rob and I had a hockey game. It was nice getting on the ice before 9pm. I am always so "amped" up after a game that it takes me hours to relax enough to go to sleep. With a late game, that can sometimes put me in bed way after 1am. The boys are full swing back in school and Molly has become obsessed with Jacks big music show. It is the only show she likes. I don't know why? There are plenty of kids shows that have as much music...but she likes that one. So be it.

Other than that, we are patiently waiting for the end of winter..not that we have a real winter compared to most but it will be nice once we can play outside without Molly getting too cold. She has put on about 5 pounds since we got her home just under 2 months ago and so we are pleased. Yesterday would have been her birthday if we hadn't changed her birthday to a more suitable date. So we have a few more months to figure out how Molly should celebrate her first birthday.

She has been to two speech sessions and they have gone well. I dont know how long her patients will last with the games that the speech therapist wants to play. She is already starting to show signs of being annoyed with them..and frankly, I dont blame her. She is saying a few words now. Mom, Dad ( which sounds more like agh -agh instead of da-da), more, and baby. It truly is like having a 5 month old in a 2.5 year old body.

We hope to get into the see the next audiologist in February. So we wait...and we wait.

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Katherine said...

Happy Chinese OX new year to your sweet family!!!