Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Second part of the Check up

Okay, so back to the Children's International Adoption Clinic today where we did a preliminary speech eval. ( didn't really find out anything that we didnt know) Molly is indeed deaf and does not speak English. Alrighty then..nothing new there. All her lab work came back completely normal and within limits and the vaccines that she had received in China were all good. She didn't have that many of them so we will be catching up on vaccines starting in the next week or so.

What we did determine is that Molly is closer to 2 and a half years of age and so we are going to give her a birth date that reflects that but also has some meaning. You see, the original birth date that was given to her was just a random date picked by the doctor on duty when they found her. The day was just plucked from the air. We decided that we would choose a day that had meaning to us and hopefully one day to her...the day we found out about her. This is the day that I called the agency and wound up getting Molly's pictures sent to me and Rob and I decided that she was the one. August 20. It also gives us options as far as starting school and that is a key benefit as well.

We did not really address the hearing issue but I have been making some phone calls and did get hooked up with a local agency that will give me access to a phenomenal audiologist as well as a really fantastic ENT. This is probably where we should have started but I took the advice of a very well meaning doctor and went straight to Birmingham...oh well, live and learn. It will probably be February before we can get in to see the until then we will continue to go to Audio/ Verbal therapy and continue to exercise Molly's brain, ears, and speech.

Thats really all the updates we have for now. Molly is doing better every day and yesterday was actually the first day that she didnt wake up and immediately ask for food. She still eats an incredible amount of food and actually put on almost an entire pound since her last trip to Birmingham just about a month ago...about 4 or 5 pounds total since we got her on November 9. The weight looks good on her! When we first brought her home she would eat and then within minutes go stand by the pantry and just beg for food. She doesn't do that anymore! She is actually trying to talk to us and repeat words...but they sound nothing like what she is trying to say...but we give her an A for effort!

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Patientlywaiting said...

Glad you are making some progress even though it is taking longer than you would like. We are still up to our eyeballs in appointments. We have our 6 month post placement visit today and I would like to say we have accomplished more but we haven't. However, I can tell them that she is happy, healthy and loved.

That is great that Molly has gained weight. We haven't had weight gain but she has grown an inch or two. It is also great that she is trying to talk. I never realized how hard it is to teach someone to listen and to understand what they are hearing. I guess I have always taken my hearing for granted not anymore.

Well this is becoming much longer than I intended. Thanks for the update!