Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer is here... let the CI countdown begin...

Well, Summer has finally arrived and even though we have just as hectic a schedule as we did when school was in session, at least it is a different kind of hectic and different is good!

We are all set for Molly's CI surgery in July and have a pre-op appointment coming up in a few weeks. Until then we continue with our weekly speech appointments in Huntsville and will continue with them all the way through the surgery date and after. We also will continue with speech therapy in Birmingham weekly ( we love our therapist there as well) and will be making multiple trips for mapping. I am already getting ahead of myself and getting all excited about the CI activation date...which will occur around three weeks after surgery. People have asked me about how Molly will deal with this incredible new sensation of hearing and all I have to do is remind them of what she has already been through in her short little life. I think being able to hear doesn't even compare with losing a parent or parents, foster parents, and moving to the states with funny looking, funny smelling people. She has come such a long way in a short time. I think being able to hear wont even register on her scale as a traumatic event.

We are knee deep in baseball camp and finishing up the regular season...then we will gear up for a big family visit and we are all very excited about seeing Robs side of the family. Robs brother and sister in law have never met Molly and so they have been gracious enough to travel to Huntsville from Montana with their three kids for a visit. Immediately after the trip, the kids head into VBS and then we are looking at the prep for Molly's surgery and all of that. Soccer camp starts will begin in August and then things get really crazy with fall baseball and soccer for both boys...oh yeah...and school. Robby heads into second grade and Jack finally starts Kindergarten. Molly will have hearing prior to preschool beginning and both her teachers are looking forward to having her in class!

Thanks again for all the kind words and comments!

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