Saturday, May 30, 2009

We have our activation date....

Got a letter in the mail. It has all the upcoming dates for Molly's activation and mapping sessions. In addition to these sessions, all in Birmingham, we will also be traveling there for speech our once a week trips will now be as many as three a week to twice a week for awhile. While I dont look forward to all the driving, I am thrilled to know the day that Molly will truly hear for the first time. Her first activation session is July 29 and the second activation session is July 30. We plan on video taping the entire thing and will post it so that everyone can see this transformation...good, bad or otherwise!!

Had a great day today. Molly has learned to accept the ball park as an acceptable second home. Both boys played great today, then off the the pool and then a friends house to watch Detroit kill the Penguins in Game one of the Stanley cup.

Off to bed.


Val said...
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Elizabeth said...

Yay! I'm excited to follow along via Deaf Village! Happy Hearing, Molly!