Monday, July 6, 2009

Finally sinking in...

well, it was a long day...but all is well in the far.  We are sitting here holding our breath a bit hoping not to encounter anymore curve balls. All set for Monday, I plan on getting Molly to the pool as much as possible this week because it will be awhile before she can go back in again.

The original schedule is back on track and we are exactly where we were just a few days ago. Now all we can do is pray that the procedure goes as planned.  

Back to the real world tomorrow and getting some much needed work done. Hopefully that will be the last time we have to fight this battle.

Thanks again for all the well wishes on facebook.  The details of this ordeal were way to long to post on the blog so if anyone has any questions about what we encountered or what we did to rectify the situation, please feel free to contact me.  

Tricia, I appreciate your call today and will definitely look into that program.


Lindsey's mom said...

I am so sorry I have fallen of the blog following wagon. I hope things will go as planned for you and for Molly!

Vivie said...

At least everything went well!!!
I followed ya from DeafVillage , and my heart broke abt hearing that situation....

I'll be thinking of you come monday!

Sandra said...

I hope things will go with Molly come Monday. Our daughter (adopted from China) has bilateral implants and is doing great. Wishing you all the luck in the world.