Monday, July 13, 2009

Game On!

It is 12:30pm here and we just got a call from the nurse in the operating room that they just got started about 15 minutes ago. We were kind of surprised because she has been back there since 11:00am but it is definitely understandable. I cant imagine what they have to do in order to get started. Turns out the surgery will run about 5 hours because they are doing both implants... or at least attempt to do both. We will see. You never really know what complications will occur and this entire process has run less than Rob and I are ready for anything. It was hard to watch them wheel her away at the "parents can go no further than this red line" area. I signed to her mommy and daddy later" that we normally give her when she is going to be left with a baby sitter and I wish I would have taken a picture of the confused look on her face. A face that says "this situation Im in does not compute with "mommy and daddy later". What in the world is going on?

So here we sit. waiting. waiting. waiting.

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Val said...

oh I was thinking of you guys when I got up this morning. Yea, it takes a while before they actually get in there and get started on surgery part. She'll pull through like a champ. Good luck, she's gonna be very irritable when she wakes though, but after tonight she'll be so much better.