Monday, July 6, 2009

We got approved!

The verdict is in. One surgery. Two implants.

Big thank you for everyones support through this wild goose chase. Tricare may not pay very much but they were actually wonderful to me through this entire process. Very helpful on the phone and even willing to call the hospital to relay policy.  

Looking forward to monday and the beginning of a new life for Molly.


Tricia said...

I am so glad everything worked out for Molly! I have been thinking about you all afternoon! I look forward to reading about how Molly reacts to hearing sounds for the first time!!

Val said...

yea! good do you have your check list for the hospital? snacks (she likely won't let you leave the room once she gets back there after the surgery) button up shirts for her, no over the head, My daughter was up coloring and all smiles the next morning so you might want some coloring books, she can do that in the, pullups, unless you're going to carry her and I tried to do that w/my 8 year old recently (48 lbs) and nearly broke my back! okay, so exciting, and I do have hair washing tips for afterwards too if you need them. Good luck, and I'll be thinking of you guys.