Friday, August 22, 2008

Getting some questions answered.

For those who may not know about this ( I didnt until today) there is a wonderful organization called Lady Bugs and Love. This organization is run by a couple with four adopted children from China ( currently working on a fifth) who have contacts in the country. They contact the orphanage and find out current height and weight of your child and try their best to get updated photos. They will also ask up to 10 questions and try to get you answers within 14 - 21 days. You can order a care package, send blankets, toys, nuts, a photo album of your family, and cameras.

We hope to have our 10 questions answered in a week or so.

Still getting a TON of help from audiologists, speech therapists, friends, family...incredible! I cant believe we are only going on 48 hours since this all started. We are surrounded by incredibly generous people who have been kind enough to share their time and talents with us in order to give us the most information possible in order to make the most informed decisions. We are SOOOO blessed! Hoping and praying that mary gets to come with us to China!!!! Come on TA!

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Anonymous said...

Every time I see this picture,my first thought is that I cant wait to snuggle in to that sweet little neck ! : )