Friday, August 22, 2008

More information to digest

So after a long discussion with the adoption agency, we have the following milestones:

date we sent in our offical application to adopt) 8/23/05

(log-in-date, date that the CCAA entered our dossier into their queue) 8/16/06

(date of referral, date on which we rec'd Molly's records to review) 8/20/08

(Letter of Intent, date on which we submitted our formal intent to adopt Molly) 8/21/08

(Pre-Approval, date which CCAA acknowledges our intent to adopt Molly) pending - expected to take one week from now.

(Letter of Approval, date on which the CCAA formally accepted our petition to adopt Molly) pending - expected to take two to four weeks from PA date.

(Travel Approval, date which signifies our approval to make plans to come to China) pending - expected to take four weeks for LOA date.

(Consulate Appointment, date on which Molly formally becomes the newest Barrie by the US gov't) pending - expected to take two weeks for TA date.

Estimated cost to travel there, pay our fees, hotel costs, in country travel...and all the extras... about 12,500.

Somebody start the clock!

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