Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Olympics and the CA.

So... according to the reports out of the CA, they have started to limit the number of families they will see in any one day and because there were no appointments during the Olympics, there has been a little bit of a slow down. Would it have killed everyone to have had the Olympics in Greece again? I mean, they started this whole thing...I think they should own it... I digress.

But before the depression sits in, I was told that there is a good chance that because Rob and I will either travel alone or with one other family that they may be able to squeeze us in to an existing appointment. ( see Mary...this dog is back in the hunt! Man, I really need to move away from Alabama...who says things like that?).

Still ppppaaaaaaitttently waiting for news of picture...hopefully of what she is like. I want to hear more about the obstinate part of her. She will blend in quite nicely to this family. Have found two preschools in the area that have kids with special that gives us some options. Learning sign language and it is coming along quite nicely. I cant imagine speaking in more than one or two words at a time...especially like the sign for HATE. I know that sounds bad...but HATE is a fun sign to make. The sign for LAUGH makes me feel like I belong on the Mickey Mouse club.

Hoping tomorrow brings us more information.... please oh please oh please.

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