Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bouncing Back...

Here we are...and Monday seems like it was months ago really. The blue neoprene strap is now removed from her head so that her incisions can get air I suppose. She doesnt really seem to even k know they are there. She is running around , playing and singing as usual. Mom is a little overly cautious because she clearly is NOT.  As superficial as it seems I was really dreading the "shaved head" part of the process. We have been growing her hair out for 8 months now and really got to the point where we could do a lot of different things  with it.  It actually isnt going to be as bad as I though and should be covered up nicely as the hair that was shaved grows out. I know, who cares about hair?

Next week is her readoption ceremony. I know, bad timing with the surgery and the photo ops at the courthouse. We could have done this through the mail but wanted to involve the boys in the process. We will go down...I suppose the judge will say something...maybe bang a gavel or two..who knows...and Im sure we will sign something and our girl will have a birth certificate from the state of Alabama.  Giddy up.

Today is a rainy day and Im sure the kids will be driving me  crazy in the next few hours. I am moving offices and continuing my attack on the house. I have the kids rooms organized and cleaned out as well as the utility closets and bathrooms. Just the office and dining room left to do. There is nothing quite as satisfying as an organized room. They dont last as long as I would like but it is fun while it lasts. I dont have junk drawers...cant stand it is harder to maintain without one. Who am I kidding. I will need to start the whole thing over by next year.

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The Gang's Momma said...

Good to read she's bouncing back. We have the same issue with hair, as Li'l Empress's ear is usually mostly covered with the hair now. But man, it's taken 10 months for it to get thick and long enough to sorta do the job. I don't mind it being uncovered, but it certainly staves off questions by total strangers :)

And I'm with ya on the junk drawer thing. But I do NOT like to do big cleaning projects like that in summer. I play in the pool with the kids and lay around reading. :) :)

We just clean enough so no one catches any weird diseases from our bathrooms :)