Monday, July 27, 2009

two days until the new normal

So it is Monday morning and Molly is strolling around playing with Legos and sticker books, extremely impressed with how her new overalls work.  She has no idea that in two days a small team of very impressive women are going to stick a couple of magnets to her head and she will hear...really hear for what will most likely be the first time in her short little life.  Rob and I continually remind ourselves and others that this isnt the simple case of turning her hearing on like the mute button on the TV, yet I am looking forward to this day with as much excitement and nervousness as I did Gotcha Day ( for those not familiar with adoption slang, Gotcha day is the day that you receive your child...yes, a crude term...but an easy one).    So if  expectations are so low, than why all the excitement? Well, it is the new normal really...and the beginning of the next part of her life...she will be learning to hear....learning to speak and before the implant there was really no hope for her ever doing that.  This entire year has gone so fast... I cant believe it has almost been a year since we first found out about Molly.  We chose that day as her birthday so we will get a chance to celebrate it every year which is the only really benefit to her not knowing her actual birthdate. ( that will continue to drive me crazy for awhile, I suspect).

So as summer break winds down and the boys and Molly for that matter get ready for the new school year we do look forward to what Molly will be able to do and what she will learn in the next few years....excited...and anxious all at once.  I cant wait for her to experience music. That was something she really enjoyed with her minimal hearing and I know she has missed it the past few weeks.  How things are going to change for her. It has been amazing to watch.

Now I have to wrap up my procrastinating for the day... I still want to clean out my office, shampoo the downstairs carpets and I do have some actual work to do.   Back to the real least for now.  Thank goodness for Sunday night hockey and wednesday for that matter. It has been great for stress relief and a nice break from thinking about activation. Rob said it best last night as we were walking down the stairs after checking on the kids.. "We have ourselves a pretty great little family here" And he is right..even with the pointless drama that has tried to infect our lives over the past few months,  it has been easy to write it off and move on with our perfect little family here.   I love our life here!  Now I am off to do something I am really good at....more laundry. Too bad it isnt a sport.  

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The Gang's Momma said...

Checking in - hope the big day is going well. Been praying for you all this a.m.

Can't wait to read the unfolding of this part of the journey.