Thursday, November 20, 2008

Alive and Well back in the U.S.A.

We have been home a little over 24 hours and Molly has adjusted about as well if not better than Rob and I could ever have hoped. Within seconds of meeting her brothers she was dragging them around the house like she owned them. Robby and Jack are about as proud of her as they can be and are begging me to bring her to school as if she is a new toy to show off during show and tell. She has felt right at home in a new house that is most likely a little larger than where she was living before and has finally figured out that just because she can't see me that doesn't mean I left the house!

The flight yesterday couldn't have gone any smoother. Molly slept an hour or two on the first leg to Tokyo, and then a full eight hours on the 11 hour flight to Atlanta. She was so tired, she even managed to dose for 30 minutes on the short flight to our airport. Last night after getting off the plane and making our way home we found that our friends and neighbors had arranged to get into our house and decorate it with signs and pictures for Molly and the family. The boys and she ran around the spotless house thanks to Robs mom and enjoyed our first stateside meal - homemade spaghetti and meatballs and chocolate chip cookies. We played for awhile at home, opened gifts and then all the kids had a bath and bed. Molly fell right asleep. She did end up waking up about 12:30, gave me the sign for EAT and after having some oranges and crackers, fell right back to sleep and stayed that way until about 7:30 the next morning. Today you could tell she was definitely adjusting to the time change...but after a full day of cruising through the neighborhood with her new doll and stroller I cant imagine her waking up tonight to eat!

Her full checkup is scheduled for early December with her full hearing eval a few weeks later. I am a little bummed that I couldn't get in sooner to the hear center but that is the best we could do. So we will roll with it.

There are no words to explain how happy Rob and I are to be back home surrounded by friends and family. We cant imagine living anywhere else!

Now the real work begins!


Patientlywaiting said...

Congratulations on being home! It sounds like she is doing great! I know jet lag was a drag for us and we didn't have much sleeping at night for awhile so it sounds like she is doing well already! Claire was show and tell too! The teacher even changed her planning to do a unit on China because she knew we had just been there. It is great to have so much support. Have fun experiences new things through her eyes!


Patientlywaiting said...

Oops, I meant experiencing :)

One Happy Momma said...

Welcome home!

So happy to see that Molly is settling right in with her brother's!

I have so enjoyed following along on your trip while in China.

Thank you for sharing.


Fujian Yahoo group

Katherine said...

"are begging me to bring her to school as if she is a new toy to show off during show and tell"It makes Katherine laugh~~

Angie said...

I'm having withdrawals...missing your updates!

Katherine said...

Let's go, boys and girls! Giddy Up!Haha,I miss you all everyday!!!Say hi to Mary for Katherine~~