Monday, November 10, 2008

GOTCHA plus one

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Wow... I can hardly believe we have only had her one day....with nothing to do but spend time with her and just stare at her it feels like we have had her much longer. Today went really well. She woke up with a little of the shyness that she had broken out of the night before. Im sure she went to sleep and fully expected to wake up in a familiar place and then thought..."Oh yeah...Im still with these people". We have found that eating and bath time are two really good ways to get her to smile. She loves to eat. She has obviously learned to eat everything in front of her and for someone her age, she is extremely meticulous about getting every grain of rice that falls from her bowl or falls on her dress. Nothing is wasted.

She has finally ( finally? It has been 24 hours? DUH?) started lifting her arms for me to pick her up. The attachment to Rob has going much better as well. He sat next to the bath tub last night and they played and played....bubbles....pouring name it. She was more verbal than I have heard her since we got her and was attempting to talk to him! You could tell she really thought she was saying something...she has never done that with me. Our in house speech patholgist ...Auntie Darla says that is a really good sign. She does seem to know that we use our mouths to transmit information and even though she cant hear us, there is more going on than just flapping our gums!

She loves her hearing aids as well. We got them both working and is most comfortable wearing them. I am so THANKFUL that the foster family had her wearing these before she was transferred to us. Can you imagine how difficult that would have been on her. The foster family did an amazing job with her. You can really tell that she was loved and well taken care of. Rob and I will be forever in their debt.

Yesterday was a nice light favorite so far! After running through Beijing it is nice just to slow down and hang out. We had to go get her visa processed and fill out more adoption paperwork....then off to a quick trip to Walmart to pick up some essentials....yes, walmart...not a store LIKE walmart...they have an actual walmart here. It is pretty neat! Lunch at a Japenese restaurant with auntie darla and auntie mary. I was curious to see how nap time would go so I closed the curtains to the room, put her in the bed, gave her the teddy bear and blanket and she fell right asleep. Again, thank you foster family! Everything that has come easy to us has been because of them. She slept until about 4:30 and then it was time for dinner at a wonderful restaurant called the purple flower. Full course meal that averages out to cost a little more than a trip to McDonalds..and the food was awesome.

Home for a bath and bed...tomorrow is a day where we have nothing to do for the adoption process so we will be heading to the zoo and a tea ceremony. I really love is a terrific city!

More later!


Anonymous said...

Hello Debbie,
We are a family from your sister's school and have been following your story of Molly. We are so glad you finally have her! We are so happy that she has a good family to be part of!
God Bless all of you!
Have a safe return home!

Say Hi to Mrs. Thoma!

The Mashburn Family!

Sandi Lerman said...

Hello Debbie! I found your blog through the yahoo Deaf-HOH group... thoughts and prayers go with you! I'm also in the process of adopting a little girl who is All the best! :) - Sandi