Monday, November 24, 2008

Update from home...

Sorry for the lapse in an you can imagine things have been pretty crazy here...but we are all starting to settle into a routine.

First and foremost Miss Molly is acting like she has lived here for a lot longer than five days. She is absolutly in love with the boys and today would instruct them to come and give her a kiss on her forehead. She has visited both boys schools and had lunch with jacks class today. We went to church on Sunday and she sat right next to me and played with some toys. We had about 3 or 4 nights of restless nights and cranky mornings but feel we have turned the corner on the jet lag. At least she has, Rob and I are still wide awake late and night and tired during the day.

Molly's sleep schedule has seemed to settle down. She took her first nap in her own bed and is sleeping there tonight. Rob and I could tell from the last few nights with us that she was ready for the move and she is doing great.

Her diet has been 90% what she was eating in China...we are slowly getting her to venture out and try new foods..but it is slow going. She is also attempting to copy our speech more and more. She has copied her name as well as Yes, and OK. The signing has stunned us all. We actually communicate quite well back and forth and every day we are seeing more and more signs. Sometimes she just throws out random signs just to see our reaction...and it works! Today she pointed to jack and signed brother and I have only showed her that sign maybe two or three times and that was just a few days ago?

Well, sorry I dont have more info or more pictures. We will be taking more soon!
Thanks for all of you keeping up with the blog!

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