Tuesday, November 18, 2008

And that ladies and gentlemen is a wrap!

Okay sports fans! Thats it...the fat lady has sung! We have the passport..we have the visa...it is all over but the crying! We are eating one last dinner with Roseann and Ken ( another living hope family ), coming back to the room, packing and come 5:30am - heading down to the shuttle to the airport. We will be in Tokyo by 1:20pm -then a three hour layover, flight to Atlanta from Tokyo which will take about 12 hours and then a one hour ( and will probably be the longest one hour flight of my life) to Huntsville.

Big sigh. Please pray for us. We cant thank all of you for your generous comments and support. Greatly appreciated!

Signing off from China!

Rob, Deb, and Molly ( who will be a U.S. Citizen the second we touch down in Atlanta!)My hope is that I am not so overwhelmed with joy to be back in the US that I am able to fight the urge to kiss the pilot once we land.


Katherine said...


Lindsey's mom said...

Safe trip home! I see Katherine was your guide!! She rocks!

ccwheeless said...

I am so excited for you and your family!! I can't wait to see Molly in person! I know Jack is ready to see his sister...he told me so today as school was ending today. I hope you will have the safest trip home and have no airline troubles.