Sunday, November 9, 2008


OK, I am standing here in the dark..cant find my power cable for my computer and down to 29 percent of I have to type quickly. Most importantly, Molly is doing great. She has already transformed dramatically since 3:15 when they handed her to us. She was first REALLY afraid of the big tall blonde guy smiling at her but within a few hours was sitting on his lap. She is a very sweet girl and very cuddly. She fell asleep very easily holding my hand. We are not out of the woods by a long shot..but we haven't had any problems with the bathroom yet...and this girl likes her food! She tried french fries for the first time and LOOOOVED them. I promise to post pictures and video as soon as I can. This will have to do for now!

My sister and Darla are here and let me tell you what a total blessing that was. I have thrown the attachment manual out of the window and we are just enjoying being her family. We are all playing with her and having fun..although Rob and I will be the ones sleeping with her, bathing her and feeding her...but all this junk about eye contact and holding we are going to let her decide. She is doing great now with everyone and I cant wait to have fun with her tomorrow. She has a million expressions and every time she starts to smile she hides her head...very cute!

Best part is...she has an attitude...I haven't seen it yet...but it's there.

More later! Promise!


Erin said...

:) A million of those!

One Happy Momma said...

Woo hoo!

Sending you all the best on your Gotcha Day and always.

Blessings -

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