Monday, November 3, 2008

We are getting close....

The in laws are here and have received a full briefing. We have played our last hockey game..okay that part is kind of sister has left for Korea and will be waiting for us in Fuzhou after Rob and I spend a few days in the hot spot for BEIJING! Im sure to run into Brad and Angelina as they come to pick up a child at any orphanage they choose unencumbered by paperwork or other requirements. Now I have to figure out how to put three suitcases full of stuff in one suitcase and make it weigh under 44 lbs. DOH! I have more stuff that I'm bringing to China...cleft palet nursers for the orphanage, gifts for the officials, snacks for molly, peanut butter crackers for me so I don't feel like I'm on room for clothes? Should be easy to figure out what I am going to wear...because I only have room for about three pair of pants and a few shirts. And the great shock of all my girly girl friends...Im going to make it through two weeks in China with ONE pair of can be done ladies!

Today is a flurry of last minute errands...web cams for the gparents so we can see everyone during the trip...last minute copies of some important paperwork...back pack for Rob....

In less than a week we will have her... its amazing....and really hasn't truly hit us. It is more the excitement of our friends and family who obviously GET IT...but I'm in the zone...and feel so much better just knowing dates. A true control freak to the core! Just give me my timeline and I will sleep well at night. It is so awesome having in laws that are so great with the boys that we know we have nothing to worry about...other than running out of room from all the trips to the toy store!

We have turned another corner and are one step closer to this three year journey....and then the fun really starts!

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