Thursday, November 6, 2008

Whoooo Hoooo...We made it!

We are here. We got on an airplane at 8:30 am and got settled into our room about 7:30am Huntsville time...yeah..that's right..its been 24 hours of non-stop excitement. How much do I dread getting on an airplane in a few days.

Okay...we have to crash now...the big tour starts tomorrow morning an 9am...

We will catch up with pictures soon!

Thanks for all the support...more to follow!

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Lisa said...

Now according to my son, Joey, Jesus lives in a little temple looking house in Seward, about 18 miles away from us. The New Yorker must be an imposter, ha ha!

I'm so glad you're there safe and sound. I imagine after three years of waiting, it's a bit surreal to be there. Crikey- you're in China!

May the jet lag be minor and the fun be MAJOR as you count down the minutes to Molly!