Monday, November 17, 2008

Getting close to the finish line.

24 hours from now Rob, Molly and I will be on a hotel van headed to the airport! We will not be flying to yet another city in China...but flying home. I can hardly stand it! The trip has been amazing and the weather was perfect. Rob and I were trying to imagine what this place must be like in the heat of the summer...because in November, it is incredible! I was told that Guangzhou was similar to November in the south. That couldn't have been more wrong! This place is like San Diego....warm right now with little humidity. I live in the south and we are no where near this warm!

In just a few hours we will be taking Molly to the red couches for her official White Swan red couch photo. At 1:45 we will be heading to the Chinese Consulate for our exit interview and to pick up Molly's visa and the rest of the day will be spent packing and organizing for the 24 hours we will spend on a plane and in airports. Yesterday we played in the toy room and did a little more shopping. Rob has taken to haggling like a fish to water...personally I would just rather them tell me what the price is and get out of there. I would be more than happy to loan him to any of you out there if you want him to negotiate a car purchase for you...get him while he is still in the zone! It is impossible just to shop in a store without the salespeople following you around and giving you the hard sale. I would probably buy much more if they would just leave me alone and let me look!

Molly has completely transformed since one week ago....we are still in shock how quickly she has taken to us. While she still tends to favor mom over dad right now ( who can blame her? ha ha) she has been seen holding hands and blowing kisses to her dad. I had assumed that much progress was going to take MONTHS! Again, thank you God for answered prayers.

Several people have asked us about when we would be receiving guests and frankly there is no real time line. Molly has been a trooper through this and has transformed so much in just a week that we are not going to lay down any hard fast rules about people meeting her. We are just going to play it by ear. So far our plan or lack of one has served us well. There will be some major adjustments as we get her accustomed to sleeping in her bed...but she has been sleeping alone in her own bed in the hotel so that is one step closer to getting her to sleep in her room. That will take some time, Im sure as will the time change for her....but we are just going to take it a day at a time and Im sure all will be fine.

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