Monday, October 13, 2008

Before you start thinking that this little girl doesnt have anything to wear...

We did some MAJOR work on the house this past week. Fortunatley for us, the boys got in some pretty big trouble which grounded them for the last few days of the fall break so Rob and I got a lot of cleaning done around the house. I love it when a good punishment coincides with some needed time at home. I finally got all of Molly's clothes sorted and hung up/ put away. I thought before any of you faithful readers decided you just coudnt wait to go out and buy something GIRLY for Molly... I wanted to show you what we recently discoverd. This little girl...whom we have never met already has more clothes than both my boys put together. Here is a example of what I mean. Below is a picture of Robby's closet -

Now, he has some pants, shorts and the usual collection of white tshirts and underwear..but this is really the majority of what we will call The Robby Barrie Collection ( formally the Jack Hawkins collection). Even worse is what is currently in Jack's closet. Now you must realize that both the boys wear the same sizes in just about Robby and Jack have lived very comfortably with the clothes you can see in the pictures: now for the shocking part. Below is what you will find in Molly's closet. And before you go thinking that this is EVERYTHING....its not! This is just a collection of the clothes that will fit her RIGHT NOW! Under the bed are three big space bags full of clothes 4T and above. Oh, and the closet photo doesnt include the 10 pair of blue jeans, 15+ pair of shorts, and about 12 bathing suits!

Oh...and the kicker is that out of all the clothes you see here...we purchased NONE of it. They were all gifts from neighbors and friends and sisters of neighbors and friends! Amazing isnt it!

Still no news on the TA....we are shooting for the end of this week or the beginning of the following week at the latest!

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