Friday, October 17, 2008

No TA for us today...

however, two of the families that got thier LOA just three days ahead of us DID get their TA it stands to reason that we will be between Monday and Wednesday of next week. At least that is what Im going for. Im still hoping that by the end of next week we will have firm travel dates. The people from these other agencies seem to have a pretty good handle almost immediatley when they are going. Both are traveling JUST TWO WEEKS from today. If that happens for us than that would hopefully get us Molly either around or ON November 13...our 9th wedding anniversary. I am TERRIBLE at buying gifts for these kinds of things... so this would work out quite well as handing Rob a three year old daughter would certainly exclude me from having to go out and buy a package of golf balls, dont you think. This is certainly not the date I had hoped for...I was really wanting to go the first week in November...or even the last week in October...but it is so out of my all I can do is just shoot for Monday...and try to start gathering things we will need for the trip. What else can I do?

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