Friday, October 24, 2008

Not going to happen this week...

Obviously, this week wasnt our week. I would love to write how surprised I am...but frankly Im not. The delay in the Travel Approval is more in line with what we have been experiencing the last three years and not at all unusual. I would venture to say that getting any news and moving along as we had with the LOI and LOA was an unusual thing.

At one point I was told that we required an amended home study in order to even arrange for the Consulate Appointment so I wrote daily emails to the INS and called them. Tried to call in favors from multiple friends....anything to get that paperwork processed and in our mailbox. So finally this paperwork arrives and I call the agency to let them know that the paperwork I just got looks IDENTICAL to what I already had. I was led to believe from the agency that there would be something on the paperwork that would note that Molly was a special needs child and that we were approved to adopt a special needs child who is older than move adopted girls from China. I was told that without this special paragaraph we would not be allowed to book a CA or get her a visa....but ours looked identical to what we already had. When I told the agency this, they just said" Hmmm...Alabama must be one of those states that dont mention special needs on this whatever you have will be fine"

Im dumbfounded....the hours and time and worry spent on trying to get this form when I was told it was mandatory when actually, it wasnt....not based on where Im living. THIS is what we are accustomed to from our agency as well as the entire adoption process. This is what we have experienced for the past three years and so am I shocked that the CCAA basically just shut down for a week and are now backlogged with paper processing and missed our 3 week LOA to TA time line...nope...not at all. Par for the course.

Hopefully next week will be our week.


Anonymous said...

wasnt meant to happen on the 24th anyway...if you get my drift. xoxo

Debbie said... you loud and clear!