Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just me and my boys...

So I'm innocently standing in the kitchen talking to R and J while they eat their dinner when it hits me...tomorrow is the last day it will be just me and the boys as a threesome. Grandma and Grandpa will be landing soon and with Rob here on the weekend tomorrow really is it. So I made the command decision and am keeping Robby home from school tomorrow. Me and my guys are just going to hang! I have some laundry and cleaning to do...but not so much to keep us from visiting the mother ship and spending the $5 bill that grandma and grandpa sent the boys for Halloween...yep, that's right people. Halloween is a holiday in our house! Its just about candy and trick or treating and did I mention candy.

I have received so MANY emails and phone calls and posts from friends and family...the support is amazing!!! I have tried to explain to Rob why this place is so different than any place we have ever lived...but I have never been able too. What we have been a witness too over the past two months is why! This little girl is already adored by hundreds of people who have never even met her. It is one thing for us to be crazy about her...we get to bring her home...but the outpouring of support and excitement from even the most casual of acquaintances is truly humbling.

One more day down! Tickets are purchased..paperwork is complete and passports and visa's are ready to go. It is time to put on your game face...but not until after one more day with my boys.

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maryt444 said...

Very wise, Deb. And of course, take some pictures of your day today. Love you! Cant WAIT. xoxo