Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's been 8 weeks...

since we started this. Just 8 weeks...some days it seems like it has been three years and others like it just happened yesterday. Time is weird. I just found out that a family on the deafchina message board ( a message board for people who have adopted or looking to adopt deaf children from China) had their daughter adopted out from under them. Now, they had received a PA but not the LOA and they were months from finishing their paperwork and didn't expect to get her until the Spring...but they are devastated. As we would have been! Now before you ask the obvious question, No - I really dont think that this could happen to us. You cant say you are 100% sure of anything when dealing with the government of another country....anyone that says they know for sure hasnt been on the same roller coaster we have for the past three years... there were a few extinuating circumstances that led to this nightmare for the family...none of which we have anything in common with....but I have heard other adoptive families say..that until they landed on US soil with the child in hand, did they truly relax.

There are other families that have the same LOA date as us who are expecting to travel in just a week or two. Im just tired of trying to guess.... it will be November - Im fairly sure about that. Im thinking anywhere between the first two weeks....obviously hoping for the first week or last week in October...but who knows.

We have sign language class tonight....Im officially overwhelmed with memorizing signs that I only use once a week. It really is true that if you dont use it, you will lose it.

We should start packing...there are all these things you have to think about... bringing clothes of different sizes because most of the time the kids are much smaller than they are reported to be. You have to bring gifts for certain officials and they cant be in white bags because that means bad luck so you have to really pay attention to the details. You have to be sure to bring enough because you cant give them anything that wasnt American made and so good luck finding that in China! Fortunately we dont have to worry about diapers or formula like most of the parents do...but we will have our own issues Im sure.

Still working on the by room it is coming together. Rob has decided to build her a dresser. It will look fantastic as long as she can survive without it for say...the next 6 months.

Off to run errands! Hoping for TA today!

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