Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ho.....hum......nothing new.....

but the end is going to creep up on me and I will be packing random items in a bag at 4am for a 5am flight... I know that will happen. Only because it always does. There is still SOOOO much I want to get done..find a dresser, get all the TONS and TONS of clothes we have for her put away. She did get a new ceiling fan. The old one looked like it belonged in one of those places that you tend to find near the airports...you know what Im talking about, right? Im not quite sure what heavy object had fallen on Robs head when he chose that fan...but it didnt work right anyway so I was glad to see it go.

The carpets have been cleaned and the systematic cleaning of the house has started...so it looks REALLLY bad. On top of that Im workng my absolute hardest to get as much of my work load done...still have a few websites to do before we leave. As much as I would like to just spend 100% of my time on the house and getting ready for this, I have to wrap up some existing commitments before we go.

No sign language class this week...its really kind of getting tough...so much to remember.

Thats it for us for now. Waiting on the TA which could come this week...but I would be shocked to hear that it did....would be a little less shocked for it to come next week and the following week we will be sitting by the phone again. Still waiting for that INS update...should come soon!

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DARN! Still nothing??