Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Potential for a slight delay...

I hate even posting this....but I have to. Yes, we may be delayed a week longer than we had hoped. Originally I was told that the CCAA ( the organization that processes our Travel Approval) was operating at half staff during a national holiday and then found out that they were actually shut down for a week. Not a three day weekend..not even a four day weekend...an entire week....shut down....$(#*#&@))@)! Because of that there is the potential that our TA will take 4 weeks and not 3. I found out that our LOA was not rec'vd until October 6 so you can basically add 3.5 weeks to that and that puts us around next Wednesday. Now, it isnt 100% that it will take that long..but there is the potential for it too. There were two families that rec'vd their LOA three days ahead of us and got their TA last friday. They were right on schedule. So we will just have to wait and see. Again...out of our control. The good news is that the family that is just three days ahead of us in paperwork processing is leaving for China on October 31 and will get their child on November 2. Hopefully once this TA situation is worked out we will be on a fast time line as well!

Now before all you tens of blog readers think that Im just being immature about the whole time thing and I should just chill out and relax I will let you in on the reason I want to go ASAP! If we can go before a certain date my sister will get to go with us...past a certain date she will not be able to. So that's why we are pushing the time thing...its not just about not having enough to fill my days or me just being impatient.. I want my sister with me when they hand this child to me. If it doesnt happen, obviously we will survive...but to come this close and then miss it by just a few days would be a huge buzz kill. Maybe tomorrow is the day?

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