Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wish I was sleeping...

So the fact that Im blogging at 4am really has more to do with getting just enough sleep to get up and my son waking me up than it does excitement over the trip. I hate it when that happens. I have never really required that much sleep and tend to do just fine on 4 - 6 hours per night. Sure, I have probably shortened my life span by 5 years...but its not like I don't try to sleep. Anyway, there is always that point when I have crossed that invisible threashhold of "enough" sleep and when Jack will wake me up for...water, ice cream, guitar hero...fill in the blank.... and when that happens...well, its 4am and Im blogging. Wouldnt be too bad except for that fact that I play hockey on Wednesday nights and am usually out until very late and I really do want to get some stuff done today.

Yesterday I got the gifts for the officials. I went to Interior Marketplace and my good friend Mary Nell helped me pick out some very nice American made candles ( all red of white as I have learned that the color white is bad luck) and a very nice hand towel made in Alabama. I also drove by the mother ship...aka - Tar-get and picked up a few things to entertain the little princess in the hotel and plane. Stuff like playdoh, crayons, puzzles, paper dolls ( who knew they even made such things), and combined with a cute little doll and a lace and trace game given to us by our friends Lou and Linda we should be all set!

I am looking to borrow a digital camera. We have one and it does okay..but after Jack was done disassembling the lens from our video camera he decided to move on to the digital camera. It will work as long as I manually open the lens cap with my two fingers and honestly, I just dont want to trust it to take all the shots I want to take during this trip. strange as this request is..if someone has a digital camera that they wouldnt mind loaning us...something powerful and compact...we will be forever greatful. Obviously, if it falls into the hands of my 5 year old we will have no problems replacing said camera. I just dont trust this experience to our existing camera and since our friends Jaci and Steve were nice enough to loan us their video camera - I dont want to take their camera too.

The travel confirmation will come this you see how confident we are now...not "SHOULD come"...but will come. Thats right...we have travel approval...we are extremely confident now. Watch out China!

Need to continue to work on our packing list....still hasnt really sunk in that we are going. Maybe it will sink in on the plane?

More updates later!


Patientlywaiting said...

If you haven't already got one, I highly recommend a small magna doodle for your new princess. My friend recommended it for us and it was wonderful. We gave it to Claire on gotcha day and it really helped break the ice. I was able to hold her on my lap as she drew things on the magna doodle. We got ours at Target.

Your princess is adorable by the way! She has very expressive eyes!


Donna said...

I found your blog through the Fujian yahoo group. When I adopted my then almost 3 year old in 2005, the most successful toys were a small magna doodle, bubbles, a beach ball that I inflated once we were in China, crayons and paper, and a few matchbox type cars that helped her interact with her sister. What an exciting time; you'll have your beautiful daughter in your arms soon now.