Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's not the's the NOT Knowing... those of you who know me know I dont do well with questions in the air. I dont like not knowing whatever it is Im thinking about and so the not knowing of all the stuff I really dont know drives me batty. If I could have taken an additional test after my initial pregnancy tests to find out what gender the boys were, I would have done it! The not knowing the gender for the first 18 weeks drove me crazy! So in talking to a good friend of mine recently over email ( hi erin! love ya) I figured out that the waiting isnt killing me....its the not knowing the dates that is. As soon as I know our travel dates...than I will calm down. Its having it all up in the air.. .that sort of thing. As long as I have the dates I will be able to come up with some kind of game plan and get the wheels in motion...its not the wait that is killing my MOJO...its the not knowing.

But yes..hopefully next week at this time I will be a different person! Im just ready for the dates...

I was hoping figuring that out would somehow make me feel better... shoot... I dont think it to another week. Im shooting for Wednesday...or at least by Wednesday.

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