Saturday, September 6, 2008

16 Hour Flights...

Well, it finally happened...I had my first anxiety dream about flying to China. That's right. I admit it. Im a pilot and I hate to fly commercially. Actually it isn't the flying or the potential to go hurdling to my death in a fiery crash that makes me crazy. Nope. For me it is the idea of being trapped in a confined area for 16+ hours with no internet access, a one hour battery on my laptop, and absolutely no access to any information coming from the cockpit. As you probably guessed pilots on international flights often require the input of a 500 hour Army helicopter pilot who hasnt flown since the middle 90's in order to do their job successfully. Thank Goodness for the other passengers that Rob and I will be on that flight! Yes, you guessed it. Somebody has control issues! Let me warn any of you that may consider yourself someone with control adoption is NOT GOING TO HELP THE SITUATION. Just FYI - Don't say that I didn't warn you!

I got a little update from the women trying to get me information and she is still waiting for the answers. She is due back into China on September 7 and will be calling again to see if they have anything for me. Cross your fingers.

Okay then...just three more hours until the boys soccer game...guess I should get ready to go.

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