Friday, September 26, 2008

LOA and other stats... this is the single piece of paper that we have been waiting for...the LOA! I have deleted Molly's given name as an agreement I made with the adoption agency. But at the very bottom is where Rob and I signed and dated and then fedexed the page right back on the same day. It will arrive at the agency on Monday and in China by Wednesday.

So what is next? Well, what is next that within 1 to 3.5 weeks we will get the Travel Authorization. Once that comes from China to the agency, they will call us and we will talk about travel dates and request a few dates from the CCAA. This occurs over fax or email. Once the CCAA agrees to the next available possible date, the agency calls and we book our travel. Once we get our TA, we can be gone in 3 days or 3 weeks..that's about the average.

So what does all this mean? That we are looking at about 6 -8 weeks until we end up in China.
I should be receiving our addendum to the Home Study this week and our fingerprint appt.

Oh...and I just had to post this...this is a picture that our 7 year old drew of our family. You can see his mom and dad and little brother. When I asked him about the red line, he said that "is a rope that I am using to pull Molly home". What a sweet boy!!!!

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