Monday, September 8, 2008

Crib, Toddler Bed, or Twin Bed

So I have just this second decided that this weekend would be an excellent time to start prepping the room. Time to pick where she will be sleeping and Im thinking the best solution would be a twin bed as that will allow plenty of room for either Rob or I to help transition her to sleeping alone. ( anyone who has ever crawled into a crib would probably agree with me). We have SOOOO many clothes so at least I can spend some time and energy sorting through all of that and keeping what I think may fit. I've only been exposed to buying clothes for boys that were twice as big as their age..not the other way around so this is really unfamiliar territory! Thanks to neighbors and friends I have enough clothes to open my own store. Thanks to Lisa Johnson, I have identical Christmas dresses in three different sizes for the next 5 years!

So sure, it is 10:30am in China right now which I think is an excellent time to email a waiting American family updated pictures of their child...but hey, thats just me. Its been 2.5 weeks since we requested the info...its gonna happen has too. My fear is that if it doesnt happen, than we wont get any info at all. Some mothers in China dont always cooperate with the request for there are no guarentees. After all, Im sure she has better things to do then get this information to me...doesnt make me want it any less.

The next big thing is of course the LOA which could come any day now. Because of the time change I have figured out that if I dont get a phone call in the morning, I can pretty much write off the day. I dont think anyone is sitting around the CCAA at 3 in the morning putting together LOA's. Im looking for news on the LOA anytime between NOW and three weeks from now..and then I will be able to relax a little more...not completely...but a little more.

Isnt it interesting that I can spend all this time writing about not much of anything. Cheaper than therapy I guess!

Hope tomorrow is the day for information!

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