Friday, September 5, 2008

Its been 14 days.... two full weeks ago I submitted my request for updated information. From what I was told it takes 14 to 21 days for information...however the person who coordinates this whole thing thought it would go faster because business has been slow. That's fine. As long as next week is the week for information...please, please, please. Updated height/weight...hoping for more pictures, some questions about likes/dislikes and communication.

We had our first sign language class and it was so much fun. Mostly because over half of the class were people I brought in my car! Barbara, Jann ( with two n's), Vickie ( Herbst means Autumn in German..who knew), Savannah, Braxton, R. and the boys. We all learned the alphabet and a few phrases like "Hi my name is D.." "My name sign is..." and most importantly - "I know little sign language, please sign slower". I picked my name sign which keeps changing between something with ice hockey and computers...depending on my mood. I did notice that some of the signs I thought I knew have changed over the computer which I thought was drawing a box and then typing has since changed to an easier sign where you move the letter C along your arm. I wonder if in this faster pace we are keeping now a days if the signs are moving faster as well. I am assuming that some of the two step signs perhaps have been updated with one step signs? Guess we will find out. R. did great and half way through the class could finger spell his name and picked a name sign. R. anounced to the class full of adults that he wants to be a scientist so his name sign is a combination of the sign for science and the letter R. J., chose NOT to we picked a name sign for him that combines the sign for play with the letter J. I suggested perhaps using the sign for Prison for his name sign...but I was overruled by his father.

Another interesting point. Molly will most likely need to learn signed english over ASL so she can learn sentence structure. So instead of learning ASL, we are learning what they call pidgin sign language which is a combination of ASL and SSE ( signed exact english). See this link for an explanation of the types of sign language used in the states:

Right now the plan is to get Molly here...get her comfortable and based on her personality and how she is doing, get her down to Birmingham to the International Adoption Clinic for a full evaluation. From there we will be going through the evaluations for hearing aids or implants or neither depending on what we find out. During that time, we will be doing a lot of signing.

I did find out from a very nice lady who just recently adopted a little girl from China that you have to teach them to use a western toilet. They have been taught to use the bathroom squatting over a that will be our first adventure in China. When they got her daughter who was 4.5 years old, she was not signing at all. By the time she had left China, the little girl was using 10 signs quite comfortably and now after being home a few months, knows and uses well over 100 signs.

Hoping for the best with the LOA...which is the next step....the LOA will come between one week and three weeks hopefully. Then the TA which will come between one week and three weeks. Of course Im hoping for one week on both accounts....hey, you never know!! Just taking one day at a time.

Will hopefully wrap up some projects this weekend and can begin getting ready for the big fall garage sale where I plan on getting rid of everything that we have used for a baby. Anyone want to buy a crib?

More ramblings later Im sure....

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I'm so happy to hear your first class went well! How thrilling! I knew you guys would enjoy it and I cracked up at Jack's potential sign name. This is all so very exciting...we are the luckiest family!! Love you!