Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's Official - Im the "other woman".

We have an update from a contact in China. This is what the foster mom told us about Molly:

Molly is about 2'9" and weighs about 30 lbs. She doesn’t know any sign language yet. She communicates with other people with some simple signs. She estimates “yes” and “no” with watch people’s mouth when they are talking. Her hearing is about 50-60 db. She responds to loud noise. We have just given her a hearing aid, later we are going to send her to deaf childrens language training school. Her foster mom personality is very extroverted; there are no other children at home. So she is a happy child, too. She always has a ready smile. She sleeps with her foster mom and is very attached to her foster mom. They are going to send me some pictures that I will post when I get them.

So the good news is that she has formed an attachment to someone and is obviously well loved. Makes a mom feel better going to sleep at night...on the other hand, I cant help but feel a little worried about being the bad mean American who is going to rip this poor girl from her loving foster mothers arms and kidnap her to America. This must be what it feels like to be "the other woman". Im the hot new 20 year old and that poor foster mom is the loving wife. I feel like a monster now.

Im a little nauseous. Poor kid...has no idea what is about to happen to her.

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