Monday, September 15, 2008

Almost Two Weeks...

It will be two weeks officially on the clock waiting for the LOA. Im hoping it comes this week! The longest people have had to wait is 3.5 so of course Im trying to beat it. We found out that an organization has offered some kind of either surgery or hearing aids for Molly and we, as the parents, respectfully declined any attempts to operate at this point. We are much more comfortable getting her home and evaluated and making that decision ourselves. I was hoping to get an accelerated LOA but it isnt going to pan out for us...not that I dont need the time to get ready. The gutting of the house has begun officially. So far I have only conquered the toy room and the hutch in the dining room. It may sound like a lot, but based on what is would be similar to throwing a deck chair off the Queen Mary in an attempt to lower the ships overall weight.

Hoping for a free extenstion on our fingerprints which will save us from a third trip to Birminham.

Looking to get some different photos from the orphanage... hopefully tomorrow. We are sending in a care package with some toys, blanket, cameras, photo album soon.

Hang on girl! We are coming!

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