Thursday, September 25, 2008

One crisis diverted

Last night we had the meeting with the social worker who interestingly enough asked us what strengths we had that would allow us to raise this special needs child. I wanted to say the same strengths that allow us to raise the two kids we have and the same strengths you found in us over the last three years that convinced you to approve us for the 0-15 month baby. I didn't though. I knew the interview was going to be on a slightly negative slant as that has been the attitude of this social worker from the beginning about adopting an older child or a child with special needs. She kept reminding us how hard our lives were going to be? No kidding...because the two boys we have just make everything easier. Not to be overly sarcastic here...but I was a little offended at the assumption that Rob and I were not intelligent enough to consider how incredibly difficult this journey is going to be. Since when has that stopped me from doing anything I want to do? I tried to explain that most anything worth doing is usually hard and that the blessing that this child will bring us and the boys FAR outweighs any inconvenience to our heavily scheduled lives. There is no greater gift we can give our boys than to teach them tolerance, patience, and the appreciation of diversity. Not just teach it, but live it. It is our hope to do this while at the same time bring a little girl to the states without a future and allow her to have one...regardless of what she wants it to be. I would love if her future included skates and a hockey stick.....but that is just the competitive mom in me talking!

On a positive note the social worker was nice enough to get out to our house two days before our scheduled appointment and write the addendum in one day to get it to Montgomery who will in turn, get it to Atlanta for processing. I think Atlanta will have it in their hands by the middle or end of next week and hopefully they will know that we need some quick processing. So all that is left is to get to Birmingham for fingerprints which is not a big deal as there isn't anything required for them to do in order to book our travel and so we should be set. What is the rush? Well, the rush is this...if we get to leave for China and get Molly prior to the middle of November, my sister Mary gets to be there. I dont know how often any of you have flown half way around the world and then accepted a child in the middle of a crowded busy room full of anxious parents and overwhelmed babies...but I am going to assume that this is going to be a pretty amazing of course I want my sister there with me.

The LOA. I'm not talking about the LOA. Im not even going to mention that the LONGEST that the LOA has taken any family from our adoption agency has been 3.5 weeks and that the 3.5 week mark is tomorrow. As much as I love to set a record, this isnt one of those times. So....I will not be writing anything about the LOA coming today. Not even going to mention it.

Tonight is our fourth sign language class and we, as a class, are starting to get a little overwhelmed. The instructor has been forced to slow down a little....Im thinking we are not her brightest group?

Well, off to make the doughnuts. Had a great time last night playing hockey against a group of guys that included my husband. I only took the puck from him twice! :)

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