Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The calm before the storm...

So it is kind of quiet right now...no huge packages expected from fedex or a call from the agency. I know my LOA is safely back on it's way to China and with this week being some kind of national holiday they probably wont even open it until the next week. Two to three weeks from now I should be ramped up to crazy again because we are awaiting the Travel Authorization but for right now...for today... it is quiet. I have a list of documents that we have to travel with...some filled out and notorized, some we are not allowed to fill out until we get there. I am thinking about how stressful this is going to be...poor Molly basically being kidnapped by these funny smelling white people and thrown...okay, maybe thrown isnt the right word....taken to a hotel room with this weird thing called an air conditioner ( will be new to her) as well as a western style toilet. No before you go thinking that the toilets have cowboy boots and spurs, they dont. Most kids in China use the bathroom by squatting over a hole...so that funny white porcelian seat with the hole in it is going to something she hasnt seen before. Looks like we will have to show her what it is and how to use it...which will give her plenty to talk about with her therapist alone!

The bonding issue is a tough one. I have heard stories of miracle children who dont cry and are bonding with their mom and dad within hours...and then there are the kids who are angry and totally reject their new parents and wonder where their nannies/foster moms/ nurses are? We really have to be prepared for the latter. As much as I want to hope that she will "get it".... I dont think she will. I do hope that if she bonds with one of us initially that it is Rob though. The poor guy has lived for seven years with two boys who are clearly all about mom...so it would be nice if Molly would throw the guy a bone and just like him more! It is only a matter of time before I convince her that I am the one that controls the food and toys... so Im hoping for an easier transition for Rob than myself. But of course, if she instantly falls in love with both of us, I wont be complaining either.

We have finally wrapped up baseball season here and are just dealing with soccer that will run another month. Then it looks like we may have a break in the sports schedule unless I can convince either of my boys to play hockey...not likely...what is wrong with them?

There is still SOOOO much to do before we travel. I have started cleaning out every room, closet,and drawer in the house. This weekend we cleaned out the boys rooms, went through the closets and filled up the garage with stuff for the annual garage sale. Carpets should get cleaned sometime this week. Like you guys really needed to know when are carpets get cleaned. Looks like Im out of information to share... oh except for this picture. Today was polka dot day for jack and he is proudly showing off his polka dot shirt, shorts, and socks.

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