Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I've climbed down off the roof...

yes, Im calm again...for the most part. After some long conversations with people who have done this before and people who are good friends I no longer feel like the other woman. From the update we got yesterday, it was reported that Molly was at a 50-60db hearing range. I dont think this is accurate. I think she is probably at perhaps 50-60% but there is really no way of knowing until we get her home and checked out.

We are awaiting updated photos...( I HOPE WE GET THEM TODAY) in order to put together a photo album for her and one for her foster mother to keep. We will send the photos to the same organization that made the phone call for us and they will put the pictures in a little album and label the pictures so that Molly can start getting accustomed to what we look like. What I was hoping to do is take a picture of all the family members holding an 8x10 picture of Molly so that she can start making a connection...not just think we are sending her a photo album with funny looking white people. Hopefully she will see us holding HER picture and figure out that something is up!

Also noted in her report is that the orphanage got her a hearing aid...I was told to expect this to be 1960's technology and probably not calibrated well. We will most likely be leaving it behind. They make us leave their clothes behind, I cant imagine them letting us run off with a hearing aid. I also found out that based on the report that she was going to attend Deaf Childrens Language school...that she was most likely going to be living in a group setting anyway. There dont seem to be any deaf schools in the area where she lives so they would have to send her to the school where she would live. I just hope that rumor is true and that we can get to her before they send her anywhere.

Many of the agencies try to prepare the child by taking them out of the home a few nights prior to the hand off...that way the foster mother and new mother are not face to face when the child is transferred. This entire "transfer" of the child resembles an combination of weeining a puppy from its mother and a high money arms deal...if you can combine such a thing.

I was told to expect that she wouldnt like us very much in the beginning..thats going to be new territory for me. Most of the time people have to get to know me before they realize they dont like me...but we know that with time she will learn to like us...and hopefully trust us. Trust is going to be tough thing..I imagine it will take at least a year or more before she realizes that she isnt going anywhere.

Hopefully we will be getting some pictures really soon! Stay posted!

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