Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's In A Name?

So we have always had a pretty good idea what we were going to name this little girl as a first name. Obviously, MOLLY. But the middle name has been a three year mystery. We considered another American sounding name, perhaps a family name..but now that we know her Chinese name want to keep a part of her heritage in her name. Many, if not most of the adoptive families we have met give their girls a Chinese middle name. Not being all that especially fond of Molly's middle name, we investigated other possibilities...but we think that it is perhaps more important to keep that part of Mollys name - even though we are not that thrilled with it and the word is actually translated as Bamboo. ( Sorry...Im prohibited from posting her real name on a blog!)

Anyway, so thats where we are leaning on the middle name. WE are also checking out the possibility of keeping in close contact with her foster mother. Some provinces allow this type of ongoing communication - some wont even allow us to meet them. We would love for this little girl to continue to have a relationship with her foster mother so that she knows she was always loved...loved in China...loved in the States.

Sent a letter to the foster mother in hopes to help ease whatever heartache she is feeling...ease...not could a letter do that. We will be sending a care package to both the foster mother and Molly...some candy, a few disposable cameras, a new toy, a blanket and something nice for the foster mother. The favorite items to receive are scarf’s and face care products? Neither of these items are something I have the foggiest idea how to buy. I could send her a red bandana that I wear under my hockey helmet and my idea of face care is a bottle of Neutrogena face soap. ( Don’t judge, it is 8.00!)

Waiting on pictures, waiting on pictures, waiting on pictures. We will also include both for Molly and her foster mother a photo album of the family with our name, Mommy, Daddy, R., and J. all labeled properly. We want to include a picture of Molly in the album...but need a decent picture.

The Whitney Gang is headed off to China today to pick up their baby. It will be interesting to hear how it goes as we are both from the same agency and will have similar trips.

Okay..Im done rambling. Hope to post some pictures soon!

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