Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day...still no new info

So it has been a little over a week since I submitted some questions and the PA should be coming any day now. Sign Language classes start this week and there are a whole bunch of people that are going to take it with me which will be a LOT of fun! As long as I feel like there is something I can do to prepare, it will keep me from going too crazy. My hope is to complete the building of the several websites I have on the calendar and then go to strictly maintaining the sites in order to start prepping the house, the room, going through the mountains and mountains of girls clothes that people have been donating for three years. I could open up my own store with the amount of clothes I have. Actually, I have collected so many clothes and shoes, that Molly has more clothes and shoes than both my boys put together. It is just a matter of going through and figuring out what she can wear...hopefully the updated height and weight will help. There are so many things between the boys and baseball and soccer, my involvement in hockey, the sign language class and a friend of mine, Darla, is going to help me put together a book of sorts with items in that Molly can point to when she wants something. Hopefully that should help us get through the first few weeks in China when language/ communication will be minimal.

We are going to sell all the baby stuff we have been holding on to at the fall garage sale. It is so nice to be getting a three year old. I couldnt have planned it better.

Still feeling optimistic about the time....there is so much to do between then and now....but I know I will feel a lot better when I have that LOA in my hands.

Another family's stats:
LOI 12-14-07, ours is August 21, 2008
LOA 1-25-08, ours is expected in three to four weeks.
TA 2-29-08 , ours is expected in four to 7 weeks
We traveled on 3-11-08, ours is expected in 10 -12 weeks

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