Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We've hit a few hurdles....

Nothing mind blowing...but annoying. Turns out our home study was just for a non special needs child under 15 months old soooooo we have to have a letter written and sent to INS from our social worker that will allow us to bring Molly into the country. Many social workers will conduct a phone interview and then send in the letter...obviously time is an issue so we are hoping ours will do the same. The second hurdle...looks like Rob and I will have to make a third trip to Birmingham to get finger printed for the THIRD time. As you all know fingerprints change ALL THE they are constantly being updated...turns out ours expire on October 19..yes...on that date....our fingerprints have to be updated. It isnt even borderline ridiculous..but they have us in a corner so we have no other choice than to drive two hours for what takes about 10 minutes and then drive back.

We did find out that there is an organization that wanted to operate on Molly and give her the implants. I found out that this made her foster mother very nervous as well as the other workers in the orphanage. Well, when we found out we made a few phone calls and they allowed us to stop any more talk of surgeries. I dont know why anyone would want to operate on a little girl just months from being adopted. CI surgery and the therapy that follows is rather intense and why they would want to do this when she is getting ready to leave the country is beyond me? Fortunately, they allowed us our first rights as parents and respected our decision to hold off on the surgery. They did give her hearing aids maybe she is hearing something?

On a side note we were told that she is absolutely adorable and the women in the orphanage love her. She is a happy little girl and gets along well with the other kids...all good news.

I stand by my earliest post. We got the best one. Not a doubt in my mind.

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