Sunday, September 14, 2008

Building an Album...

We are sending Molly a care package. Part of me feels like I should send her a nail file so she can "break out" of there...but then I realize that she doesnt even know she wants to break out so that probably isnt a good idea. Then I start thinking about how short the time is and that I have so much to do. I made a MASSIVE list.....kind of like the list on My Name Is Earl...but it has to do with making the rooms, closets and drawers forgive me for ignoring them for so long...and not people. ( If you dont watch this show, it is hilarious...). I got to mark one room off my list...and frankly based on the organization of my house I could really use 8 to 10 weeks to get everything where it should be. The other side of me wants to put my shoes on right now, not even change out of my pajamas and fly over and bring this girl home. We will deal with the cleaning later! ( By the way, that attitude on cleaning is what got me in this mess).

So now it is time to figure out what clothes she can actually wear. I have lots of clothes for an infant and up...but if she is really 30 lbs we are looking at 2T-3T. But is she really that weight really accurate? I have read on several peoples blogs that when they picked up their child, they were not as big as they were told...but if figuring out if I need to keep my 18month clothing is my biggest problem, than we are doing okay.

I think R. and I have decided to do the optional tour in Beijing. Im sure they wouldnt mind if I took a swim at the water cube.

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