Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Whooo Hooo! We got the Pre Approval!

Finally...something to report other than what we hope will happen. Just got a phone call from the adoption agency. We got the PA. That means between one week and four weeks from now we should be looking at the LOA. So what is the PA. The PA stands for Pre Approval and basically means that China knows we want to adopt Molly and approves of the match. In a few weeks we will be getting in the mail a letter called the LOA ( letter of approval) that Rob and I will sign that basically tells China that we do indeed want to adopt Molly and then we send it back. You would think that spending $20K and wating for three years would be all they need to be convinced that we want her...but what the heck, if they want our signature on a piece of paper...so be it. A few weeks from there we receive our travel authorization and a few weeks after that we are eating Chinese food in China...of course they probably just call it food there.

Anyway, one more step towards bringing her home!

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